Rhino Research offers a range of software architecture consulting services including:

  • Skills transfer. Our architects work side-by-side with your development team, mentoring them during product development, and enabling your team to apply software architecture techniques autonomously during their next project.
  • Outsourcing. Use one of our architects when your team needs a “ringer” on the project.
  • Architecture reviews. Many architecture decisions are difficult to change after much code has been written. Our architects can collaborate with your development team to identify risks and design alternatives. Architecture reviews are highly cost-effective, saving $1M per medium-sized project according to published reports.
  • Short-term guidance. Often development teams have strong implementation skills yet can benefit from the skills of an experienced architect to point the system in the right direction and help make key decisions that have long-term implications.
  • Strategic guidance. If you have decided that you need help on software architecture, but you are unclear how best to hire an architect, or how to use an architect on your team, we can advise you on the common organizational patterns and pitfalls.

Why Rhino Research?

Rhino Research is devoted to improving the state of software practice. We do this by using our industrial and academic roots to give you the freshest and most practical advice in classes and during consulting engagements.

Our clients

We have taught classes for many kinds of clients, ranging from regular information technology shops, to huge internet shops, to NASA.

Just Enough Software Architure Book

Available as an e-book ($9.99) or a hardback.

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Rhino Research is a training and consulting company specializing in software architecture

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