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The good news is that software design is no longer a black art and the field has consolidated on a set of shared ideas as its foundation. Temperament and aptitude help, but it is now possible to teach developers the essentials of architectural design. The bad news is that mainstream developers are just now starting to become aware of these ideas, yet the scale and complexity of systems has been steadily increasing year after year.

Here are some insights to our philosophy:

  • Risk-driven architecting. You can do just enough software architecture by focusing on risks and choosing corresponding design techniques. Your designs will vary in detail depending on how risky each area is for this project, perhaps deep on security but light on auditability.
  • Democratic approach. Our courses are for developers and architects. Architecture is a kind of software design that all developers should understand, not just architects.
  • Emphasis on engineering. Our courses are on how to design software, not on how to facilitate meetings. Soft skills are a compliment to design skills, not a substitute for engineering know-how.
  • Practical advice. You will learn techniques that work in practice and learn anti-patterns to watch out for.

Software Architecture and Design Courses at Rhino Research

Course participants will leave with a coherent mental framework of software architecture, helping them to reconcile business needs with implementation issues, identify risks, and successfully design systems.


We offer a set of interlocking classes designed to suit your needs. The shorter the course, the more general the intended audience. Combining the two 3-day architecture courses yields the same content as the 5-day marathon course. Splitting the training is recommended so that participants have an opportunity to try out the new techniques (and generate questions) before the advanced material.

Course Length % Lecture Audience Content
Dine and Discover 90 min 100% Fully general What and why of software architecture
Essence of Software Architecture 1 day 90% Mostly general Dine and Discover + a tour of how architecture is done
Software Architecture with UML 3 day 60% Engineers Essence of architecture + simplified how-to + exercises
Advanced Software Architecture 3 day 60% Engineers Adds realistic wrinkles + advanced techniques
Software Architecture Marathon 5 day 60% Engineers Combined Introduction + Advanced courses
Software Design 3 day 70% Engineers Module and component design (not architecture)

The lectures in the 3- and 5-day courses contain a running example and comprise about 60% of course time. The remaining 40% are in-depth exercises designed to reinforce key concepts.

Here’s a review of a class in Houston.

Why Rhino Research?

Rhino Research is devoted to improving the state of software practice. We do this by using our industrial and academic roots to give you the freshest and most practical advice in classes and during consulting engagements.

Our clients

We have taught classes for many kinds of clients, ranging from regular information technology shops, to huge internet shops, to NASA.

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