Course participants will leave with a coherent mental framework of software architecture, helping them to reconcile business needs with implementation issues, identify risks, and successfully design systems.


We offer a set of interlocking classes designed to suit your needs. The shorter the course, the more general the intended audience. Combining the two 3-day architecture courses yields the same content as the 5-day marathon course. Splitting the training is recommended so that participants have an opportunity to try out the new techniques (and generate questions) before the advanced material.

Course Length % Lecture Audience Content
Dine and Discover 90 min 100% Fully general What and why of software architecture
Essence of Software Architecture 1 day 90% Mostly general Dine and Discover + a tour of how architecture is done
Software Architecture with UML 3 day 60% Engineers Essence of architecture + simplified how-to + exercises
Advanced Software Architecture 3 day 60% Engineers Adds realistic wrinkles + advanced techniques
Software Architecture Marathon 5 day 60% Engineers Combined Introduction + Advanced courses
Software Design 3 day 70% Engineers Module and component design (not architecture)

The lectures in the 3- and 5-day courses contain a running example and comprise about 60% of course time. The remaining 40% are in-depth exercises designed to reinforce key concepts.

Here’s a review of a class in Houston.


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